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Burial Plot Information

Are you looking for the location of a loved one in our churchyard or doing some family history research?  Here you will find information and maps to help you to locate specific burial plots in the St Nicholas churchyard.

Burials in alphabetical order   Burials row and plot sheet    Map of our graveyard

Cremated remains by plot

New cemetary by plot

1. Open the 'burials in alphabetical order' sheet

2. Identify the row and plot of the person you are looking for

3. Open the 'burials row and plot sheet'

4. Note the name of the plot at the end of the row where the person you
   are looking for is located

5. Rows 1-37 are numbered from to West to East
    Row 39 commences after the pathway half way down the graveyard
    Rows 39-68 are numbered from West to East
    Rows 69-72 are numbered from Eat to West
    Cremated remains are numbered from West to East
    New graveyard plots are numbered from West to East
Please take care when in the church grounds and be mindful of the safety risks presented by uneven ground and memorial stones.

Steve Dearman
St Nicholas Church,
Upper Cumberworth